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Cyber Risk Insurance

Apply for Cyber Risk Protection for your business

Every business has at least some dependence on technology and the internet. So how will your business be affected when your computer network security is compromised?

It is almost certain there will be a financial cost. It could be lost revenue from being unable to sell goods or conduct your business, it could be damage to your reputation arising out of a breach of confidentiality and possible liability associated with this or it could simply be your own significant costs associated with cleaning the network up and reinstating the data.

If you are a small business just using your PC for accounting, emails and the internet or a larger business involved with internet sales (holding customer’s personal information including credit cards), major accounting usage, Social Media or anywhere in between, you should seriously consider Cyber Insurance.

Cyber Insurance is now available and it should be a key part of your risk management strategy. While an insurance policy cannot prevent a breach of your network security it can assist you by providing funds and professional guidance.

Click here for the aibGROUP Insurance Cyber Information

Click here for a NZI Cyber Risk Proposal form


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