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About Us

aibGROUP Insurance provides insurance advice and solutions for New Zealanders across a range of businesses and workplaces, as well as into the personal homes and lifestyles of our diverse client group. Our services and culture focuses around our clients, our hardworking team, our partners and the products and services we represent. Our history is evidence of us successfully developing these long-term relationships and taking a comprehensive approach to client management that works for our clients and our people. We have an established reputation as a firm committed to go ‘above and beyond’!

aibGROUP is here to provide expert advice right across New Zealand. Our team all enjoy living, working and contributing to different parts of our local communities and we have offices in both Wellington and Auckland.

  • AibGROUP is a fully licensed Financial Advice Provider (FAP) as amended by the Financial Services legislation Amendment Act 2019 (FMC Act)
  • We are members of NZbrokers -
  • We are members of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ)

Our People

Our people are industry professionals who understand the importance of strong industry knowledge and enjoying the work they perform. Developing client relationships and partnerships go with the territory and if we are not discussing insurance protection, you will find us at our local community gatherings, sports grounds or other local events. aibGROUP proudly supports many different community activities many of which are displayed on our website.

aibGROUP has a strong focus on our staff’s development and wellbeing. This investment ensures that we grow and develop a positive culture that in turn leads to better outcomes for our clients, better advice and better services. Get to know the aibGROUP team - they want to help protect you, your family, your business and your employees. Should the unexpected happen, we will be there to support you.

Our Journey So Far

aibGroup’s journey plays a vital role in shaping our organisation's approach to its business, drawing from a wealth of experience and origins that spans back over 40 years.

Today we are a diverse team of over 34 insurance professionals, serving an expanding client base who appreciate our professionalism, integrity, and a proactive "can-do" attitude.

  • 2023 
    • 1 April 2023, Soulis Financial Services is integrated into the AIB Group business. This acquisition represents a quality AMP agency, which was managed successfully over many years by John Soulis.
  • 2021 - 2022
    • FSLAA legislation is amended to incorporate General Insurance Brokers as part of a regulated environment  - AIB becomes a licenced financial advice provider.
  • 2020 - 2021
    • Business continues to grow. Working dynamics adjust as we manage change during the pandemic period.
  • 2018
    • Shane Greene joined aibGROUP bringing with him a strong background and wealth of knowledge in Corporate Insurance, contributing to help us advance and expand our business.
  • 2015
    • The decision was made to consolidate our various brands and agencies and we became “aibGROUP Insurance Ltd”.
  • 2013
    • Allfinanz opened an Auckland operation by amalgamating the business activities of All Insurance Services and then in 2014 taking over the company's operations.
  • 2011
    • The business merged with “August Insurance Brokers” bringing in addition valuable experience and capacity to the business.
  • 2007
    • In 2007, Matt Roberts joined the company with a Corporate Insurance background.
  • 2008
    • One-year later a new brand of Allfinanz, brought together many aspects of the financial service industry.
    • The company moved to its present location at 22 Kings Crescent, Lower Hutt.
  • 2003 -2004
    • During this period “Brokerweb Group” (now NZBrokers) partnership was formalised.
      This ensured an added voice and a layer of expertise for our firm and clients across a broader industry network

    • In 2004, Humphries Insurance Brokers was purchased.
      Corporate Broker John Blackmore joined the business.

  • 2002
    • A new company “CFS Risk Services Limited” was formed and led by Michael Blackmore and Gary Solomon.
      Membership to Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand Inc. (IBANZ) was confirmed.

Why use aibGROUP Insurance as your Adviser?

aibGROUP clients become aibGroup Insured

We support anyone who owns, operates, or manages a business, a property (including family homes) and other personal assets. People and businesses alike understand the need to protect their assets, income and potential liabilities.

There is no avoiding it, all personal assets and businesses need insurance protection - aibGROUP's team are highly qualified and experienced in a range of business and domestic insurance products. They assist by providing proactive advice and managing the appropriate insurance program that enables you to be covered for that unexpected event. As your insurance adviser, we are in a position to advise you on the best and most appropriate cover available for your business and personal assets. Your aibGROUP adviser is committed to making sure there are no surprises, ensuring that you will be made aware of any changes or market trends, which affect you or your business. When the inevitable claim occurs, we take control of the process to help make the experience as stress-free as possible for you and your business.

The real value of aibGROUP lies in its ability to communicate and help customers when adversity strikes and/or you suffer a loss. aibGROUP will give you advice that then allows you the opportunity to insure your assets (other insurable losses) to meet the many challenges when the unexpected happens.

Utilising an aibGROUP adviser gives you:

  • Access to the wider insurance market
  • Ability to tailor and arrange insurance packages unique to you
  • Expert advice in risk assessment
  • Removes any doubt by explaining coverage and policy wordings in real language
  • Provides that direct connection to insurance companies on your behalf
  • Maintaining communications flow relating to policy changes and effects they may have
  • We work for the client and not the insurer when it comes to claims
  • We champion our client's case with claims and provide a total support package
  • Communication with clients through the most appropriate technology
  • Living and breathing insurance and understanding the total market and how it can benefit clients


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