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About us

aibGROUP Insurance provides Insurance solutions for New Zealanders at the work place or at home and has developed a reputation for being a well-known general insurance brokering company driven to achieving excellence within our fields of expertise. Our business is based around our people, our partners and the products and services we provide. Our history shows our clients become our partners as a result we take a very personal interest in ensuring our insurance broking services provides what our clients require to ensure they feel safe both at work and at home.

Our business approach and credibility is linked to our personal guarantee from the company directors and management whereby the aibGROUP will only be as successful as our clients. Our guarantee starts with the assurance that aibGROUP will only ever work for its client. This can be achieved because the company is big enough to have the respect of all the major insurers but local enough to ensure we remain client focused.

Across your town or across the country the aibGROUP team consists only of experienced, well trained and committed people who live, work and play in your community. aibGROUP has offices in Wellington and Auckland while being affiliated to the national NZbrokers network and is a member of the Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ).

Our People

Our People are industry professionals who understand the importance of strong industry knowledge and enjoying the work they perform. Developing client relationships and partnerships go with the territory and if they are not discussing insurance protection, you will find us down at our local sports grounds coaching, managing or supporting our junior teams.

aibGROUP staff know of the tradition and history aligned to the company and strive to maintain a founding legacy that puts our clients first. Get to know the aibGROUP team - they want to help protect you, your family, your business and your staff. And when the unexpected happens let them handle that also. In no particular order meet:

Where We Come From

Its founding principles are a critical element as to how aibGROUP goes about its business. With its origins spanning back over 30 years the company remains closely associated with highly respected former members of the insurance industry, Gary Solomon and Kerry August. In 2002 a new company CFS Risk Services Limited was formed and led by Michael Blackmore and Gary Solomon. Membership of IBANZ was confirmed before Humphries Insurance Brokers was annexed in 2004.

In the same year the company gained access to the Brokerweb Group which ensured a voice at insurance company head offices as well as providing enhanced policy documentation. In the same year Corporate Broker John Blackmore come on board and then in 2008 the company moved to its present location at 22 Kings Crescent, Lower Hutt.

Matt Roberts joined the company as a shareholder/director and one-year later the new brand of Allfinanz brought together many aspects of the financial service industry. Allfinanz Risk catered for the general insurance business and further expanded in 2011 merging with August Insurance Brokers. This was a significant merger/acquisition for Allfinanz bringing together two very like-minded companies which shared similar systems and client service standards.

In 2013 Allfinanz opened an Auckland operation by amalgamating the business activities of All Insurance Services and then in 2014 taking over the company's operations. This provided the opportunity to rebrand with an exciting new image which captured the existing business while setting the scene for an exciting future. The insurance sector will continue to face challenges but aibGROUP, with a great team of people, will continue to meet and handle these challenges for its clients.

At the same time the company will address the needs of its valued customers and partners with that openness and effectiveness essential for any business.

Why a Broker

aibGROUP operates under the promise of "Certainty through Adversity"​. 

We support anyone operating, managing or owning a business or family home, no matter how large or small. People and businesses alike understand the need to protect their assets, income and potential liabilities.

The real value of a Insurance Brokers lies in its ability to communicate and help customers when adversity strikes. aibGROUP will ensure that you have the right insurance cover in place to meet these challenges as the last line of defense against all insurable events.

There is no avoiding it, all personal assets and businesses need insurance protection - aibGROUP's staff are highly qualified and experienced in a range of business and domestic insurance products. They assist by providing proactive advice and managing the appropriate insurance program that enables you to be covered for that unexpected event.
As your insurance advisor,  We are in a position to advise clients on the best and most appropriate cover available for business and personal assets. Your aibGROUP Broker also promises that there will be no surprises ensuring that you will be made aware of any changes or market trends which affect you or your business.

aibGROUP Brokers understand how to protect your livelihood against unexpected insurable events. We take the time to understand your personal and business situation before obtaining a suitable offering through access to local and international Insurers. 

When the inevitable claim occurs, we take control of the process to ensure a stress-free experience for you and your business.

Utilising an aibGROUP broker ensures "Certainty through Adversity" by:

  • Providing the ability to access the wider insurance market

  • Tailoring and arranging insurance packages unique to you

  • Providing expert advice in risk assessment

  • Removing any doubt by explaining coverage and policy wordings in real language

  • Providing that direct connection to insurance companies on your behalf

  • Maintaining communications flow relating to policy changes and affects they may have

  • Working for the client and not the insurer when it comes claims

  • Championing our clients case with claims and providing a total support package

  • Communicating with clients through the most appropriate technology

  • Living and breathing insurance and understanding the total market and how it can benefit clients

    aibGROUP Insurance - Providing "Certainty through Adversity"​.


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