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Landlords Protection.

Illegal Substances - P Contamination

As your insurance advisers we are constantly aware of ongoing property issues that can impact on your insurance cover. We are starting to see the impact of illegal substance contamination on properties and particularly rental properties. You may have noticed more news about drug contamination via its use and/or manufacturer.

As a consequence many landlords are now starting to request contamination testing. This is a developing and widening issue that we need to be aware of. Click here

Landlords need to act in a careful and responsible way. The Insurers will continue to look at the ‘Landlords obligations’ and ensure they are acting with reasonable care. This refers to regular inspections, maintenance and disclosure of any tenancy issues.

Many Insurers are now restricting the costs associated with the clean-up of illegal substance contamination

It is worth noting that not all policy wordings are written with the same intention and therefore the views of each Insurer may vary. We do encourage a conversation with us to ensure your policy coverage is well understood.


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