Personal Insurance

aibGROUP Insurance Personal Lines maintains it's "Certainty through Adversity" by providing an extensive suite of Personal Insurance Products and Services which removes many potential risks to your most important personal assets.

Personalised asset protection options are customised to the individual or family. An aibGROUP Personal Lines Broker is here to discuss and help you through this process.

It is your biggest asset and must be protected. Events in New Zealand over recent years show the importance of having a Broker involved with your home insurance cover. With recent significant changes to home insurance professional knowledge and assistance is a must when considering the various cover option available. As an example there has been the shift from square metre replacement to a sum insured calculation. Corners must not be cut and home owners must ensure they understand the terms and conditions associated with their home cover - your aibGROUP Broker provides this assurance.

The value of what is inside your home surprises many people when they find that replacement is required. Your aibGROUP Broker will provide accurate and clear information when it comes to the appropriate cover for household contents. They will provide cover options no matter where in New Zealand you live. Some key points on our home contents checklist include home owners and renter's personal liability cover; the fact some items are only covered to certain limits so anything over this they need to be specified; and it is important to do an inventory to calculate the value of your sum insured. Contact our aibGROUP Broker who will advise and assist with this.

For many the family car is the second biggest investment behind the home. Again the aibGROUP Broker can advise on the most appropriate cover which in many cases can surprise the client. When purchasing the vehicle, motorcycle, trailer or caravan immediate cover can be provided through your aibGROUP Broker. From this point the right advice is a necessity - will the vehicle be used by a younger or inexperienced driver; should it be covered for fault or non-fault accidents; do you need comprehensive, third party only and third party fire and theft cover; what does market value cover mean - just some of the questions your Broker will provide answers for. And to cap it off when there is an accident, your aibGROUP Broker will make sure with the majority of cases you can chose your own repairer.

Cover for that prized recreational possession comes in many forms - again your aibGROUP Broker should be consulted as part of the purchasing process. Pleasure craft, yachts, launches and jet-skis can be insured while on the water, or being moored, while being towed on the road or when in storage. These are valuable assets for which insurance cover should be mandatory. Your aibGROUP Broker will advise you on cover for personal items, fishing equipment and accessories that you may carry on board. Cover can also be extended to include emergency towing, medical expenses, and rescue and salvage costs if the unexpected occurs.

When packing your bags make sure that you have eliminated the risks associated with being away from home whether it be in New Zealand or overseas. All it takes is a quick contact with an aibGROUP Broker. They will provide information relating to comprehensive travel insurance with access to 24 hour emergency assistance, cover should your luggage end up some place where you are not, unexpected medical expenses, disrupted travel and cancellation costs due to events beyond your control along with personal liability cover for whilst you are abroad. For added protection if you have a pre-existing condition or maybe visiting a risky destination, your Broker can provide you with assistance here also.

When your possessions are on the move they are at risk. aibGROUP will provide you with cover information against the loss and accidental damage of any personal possessions while they are being moved. Included with this could be a cover extension for temporary storage whilst goods are in transit. This can be extended for accommodation costs, liability, mechanical and electrical failure. aibGROUP will also advise on limited cover when it comes to moving items yourself - or full accidental loss cover when using professional movers. Call an aibGROUP Broker before the truck arrives or you back up the trailer.