AIB Services


aibGROUP provides a comprehensive range of cover and protection options across Business and Personal Insurance. The company will only put its clients cover with respectable and substantial authorised insurers. It promises that the insured will receive value for money with the right insurance cover being applied to meet a client's needs and budget. An irrevocable promise is made that all cover is supported by a client support claims process.

Business insurance 

If it is Business then aibGROUP Insurance provides for:

  • Body Corporate
  • Business Travel
  • Marine Hull
  • Transit & Cargo (Annual & Single)
  • Key Person insurance cover / Debt Protection

Personal insurance 

For Home and Personal, the aibGROUP Insurance team can assist with:

Why a Broker and Why aibGROUP

People and businesses need protection - aibGROUP can help by providing advice and products enabling cover for that unexpected event. Your aibGROUP Broker knows insurance and will ensure that all aibGROUP clients are advised of changes or trends which you need to know to protect your family and home or your business no matter how big or small.

aibGROUP has highly qualified and trained staff who is right across business and domestic insurance. They know how to protect your property, contents and your income. They know the best package options available while they can also tender across a range of insurers. When there is a claim it is your broker's issue, not the clients.

aibGROUP Insurance - providing "Certainty through Adversity".