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Wellington 0800 237 747


Need to make a claim? Get started.

aibGROUP claims has a number of ways in which you can lodge a claim with us.


04 978 7460 / 0800 237 252


Our TXT service

The aibGROUP claims team 'TXT' service allows us to communicate simple claim update information, directly to your mobile device. We will continue to monitor this service to ensure it delivers a communication facility that works well with our clients.

Claims Advisors

Our afterhours emergency claims service is available for outside of business hours (8.30am - 5pm
Monday to Friday). This is activated when our main phone line is called.

What you need to do:

  • Take care of any injury or emergency support you may need
  • Minimise any property or vehicle damage by taking all reasonable steps following an accident or loss by protecting the property or person from any further damage or injury.
  • Do not admit liability or take any action which could be construed as an admission of liability.
  • Contact aibGROUP Claims (0800 237 252) immediately for any claim or potential claim.

If you have any queries or experience any difficulties, please let our claims team know immediately. 


Tips for Motor Vehicle claims:

  • A claim form is normally required for many claims however this can vary between different policies and Insurers. Please contact us in the first instance and we will assess what is required.
  • Additional information that can assist us:
  1. Images of damage just in case you forget to obtain details at the time of the loss
  2. Photos of where the damage has occurred or where the impact or loss happened.
  3. Photos of the road and weather conditions at the time
  4. Details of any independent witnesses and those of the other driver including name, phone number, registration plate and insurance provider.
  5. If the police attend note the officer's name and which station he/she is from.


aibGROUP Claims Service

Our claims service is right at the heart of our promise to deliver an outcome that meets expectations. Claims can be unique and involve different levels of complexity. Our goal is to break down the claims process and communicate that in a simple yet effective way.

aibGROUP Claims provides:

  • Immediate access to our specialist claims team who only work for aibGROUP clients.
  • Specific advice upon claim lodgment and setting expectations for the claim.
  • Follow-up protocols and communication back to you in regards to the progress of each claim.
  • Immediate access to insurance assessors appointed to report and manage a loss alongside our claim services.
  • Referral to another organizations for claim assistance (such as "The Earthquake Commission of New Zealand" for residential Earthquake damage)

Claims Form

Claims Form